An Unfiltered Life (Out of You and Into One)

Our true and original nature always lies within us just like a butterfly exists within a caterpillar.  This evolutionary unfolding is quite inevitable as our fallacious identification with being a self that is separate from others and the world is exposed within the light of clear seeing.  We are the infinite spirit or presence that miraculously appears in human form and peers out upon the world.  What a rare and magical gift it is to be conscious that our humanity is deeply rooted in, and is an expression of, this intimate yet impersonal divinity.  Our collective eternal self is not an object, but the ultimate subject of all objects, and the ground of all being.  Our journey of self-realization begins before the intervention of mind or concepts about self, so it does not require more knowledge or ideas about the nature of self.  It does, however, necessitate an openhearted compassionate willingness to trust our own direct and unfiltered experience of self.  Shedding the many layers that obscure our original nature opens us to lives rich with happiness, peace, and freedom.  I was led to believe that the emergence of our fully realized beingness was an arduous task, but frankly, the only real hindrance to fulfillment is buying into the misguided belief that we are not already whole and complete. To order a copy of my book, “An Unfiltered Life,” please click: here.          

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