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Most people that I counsel supplement that work with Plant Spirit Healing.  As we start to really feel feelings all the way through, it is very helpful for the body, mind and spirit to be working in harmony so that the old and toxic plantspirit1energy can be cleanly released.  Plant Spirit Healing is a process of holistic healing based on the Chinese five–element system.  Traditional Chinese healing attributes health to the natural flow of energy, or chi.  All of life and all of nature is dependent upon the rhythmic and harmonious flow of chi.  Health and disease are defined by this life energy.  It brings into balance the energies of the body, mind and spirit.  Plant Spirit Healing treatments are based on herbal knowledge and calling on our plant allies in the natural and spirit worlds.

The five elements govern our lives and the lives of everything we know.  Each element corresponds to a season of the year, a color, an odor, a sound, an organ system in the body, an emotion, and much more.  It is through the weaving of these elements together that we achieve our highest balance and health.  The wide incidence of chronic and persistent physical and emotional illness in our culture is a clear indication that our spirits need attention.  When treating a client, my primary focus is on healing the spirit.  Working with the spirits of local plants, I facilitate the release of the deepest, earliest illnesses and imbalances by bringing your flow of chi into balance.