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The most intimate and immediate experiences of my infinite spirit or presence have occurred when I have forgotten to think myself and simply be myself.  Only then was I able to surrender to the mutual interdependence of all forms.  That Keshav 3deeper knowing was largely revealed during a series of Shakti experiences while simply gazing at a flower, listening to the sound of a bird’s song, or embracing the energy at a sacred site.  In a moment of clarity years ago at an ancient temple in Teotihuacán Mexico, my idea of self was literally struck down as all mind activity stopped dead in its tracks.  In the vast stillness that arose when the mind chatter dissolved, there was no point of reference, just a sense of arriving home to a place that I never actually left.

All attempts to secure more objects, relationships, states of awareness, or even enlightenment is the very denial of the happiness, peace, and love that is at the heart of every life experience.  We must learn to trust what is devoid of theory, process, and intellectual understanding.  I encourage you to drop any and all preconceived ideas about self-realization and accede to the direct and unfiltered flowering of human consciousness.  That simple shift in attention sets us free of restrictive concepts about how life should or should not be, and refocuses on what is, unconditionally.  What a remarkable gift it is to be conscious of the graceful flow of life.

Our journey together beyond the attachment to being a separate and personal self and into the clarity of our original nature starts by focusing all attention on the immediacy of each moment.  The success of an open and truthful exploration into our fundamental nature is dependent upon the strength of our resolve to cast aside all that we believe we know about the nature of self.  The belief that we are not yet enough to be free and need more to be whole is the separate sense of self’s mantra of separation.  The truth is that we are all part of an interconnected whole, devoid of any discrete witnessing presence. My teaching approach is to extend the invitation to stop and see life just as it is in the moment, without conditions.  Within the serenity of a moment fully experienced is the realization that trying to get to where we already are is futile.  The reality is that we can never forget who we really are, only who we imagine ourselves to be.  When attention is relaxed in the aware presence of the moment, the personal sense of self is conspicuously absent.  Surrendering to what is in the eternal now is yielding to, rather than opposing the organic and sublime flow of life.

I do not recommend a particular path or wisdom tradition to embracing our true nature.  The truth is the truth.  I am full of gratitude for all the teachings and teachers that have and continue to kindle the light of awareness.  What particularly inspires me is a blend of Classical Shamanism (maneuvering through the realms of the unknown), Zen Buddhist Meditation (Zazen), devotion driven Hindu Mysticism (chanting), and the spontaneity  of non-dualism (direct inquiry).  Essentially, they all point to the realization that we are here in the world of form to awaken to, and become servants of our true nature.
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