Undivided Attention!

Undivided Attention!

Opening to life without a personal point of view allows attention to rest in, and as, the undivided witnessing presence that experiences itself everywhere.

1) What do I mean by the above statement? How can you apply this quote to your life?

2) How does this statement about Undivided Attention!  change the very way that you engage in life?

(Please sit with this for a while. Surrender to the energy evoked by the statement and resist looking for the answers. Please do not post a theoretical spiritual response)

How does this quote apply to your every
day living experience? Please resist the urge to entertain theories
about this quote – what is the direct experience of what I am inviting
you to explore!



14 Responses to “Undivided Attention!”

  1. on 15 Oct 2017 at 10:30 am Betty

    The best gift or service we can give to anyone is our presence, our knowing that what we do for others we are doing for ourselves, what we do for ourselves we are doing for others because there is not two beings there is one. It is an invitation to leave the illusion of separation and experience oneness, the peace and support that is always here.

  2. on 12 Oct 2017 at 5:01 pm Donna

    I experienced something quite profound today with a fellow human being. I was following through with what I told someone I would do for him when he turned to me and asked me, “Why are you helping me?”. He followed that question with a statement of presumption that I was assisting him so that I could fulfil some sort of personal agenda. It was at that moment that I directly experienced Keshav’s latest quote of the week firsthand—”Opening to life without a personal point of view allows attention to rest in, and as, the undivided witnessing presence that experiences itself everywhere.” I had no alterior motive, no agenda. Without a personal point of view, motive or agenda, the undivided witnessing presence experienced itself everywhere. It was all so raw and unfiltered and real. The energy of form, the energy of emotion, the energy of unity. All palpable. All the same. We stood there looking at one another and everything fell away and what was present, what is always present, is undivided, unquestionable and undying. Namaste

  3. on 30 Sep 2017 at 7:04 am ceejaypea

    Life without a ‘personal point of view’ fine tunes knowing all is the same energy and the one. Namaste.

  4. on 04 Sep 2017 at 5:15 pm Betty

    I’m so glad Paula had Joe and Keshav there to guide and support. Thank you both.

  5. on 04 Sep 2017 at 5:43 am Diane

    I love you Paula. I will always cherish the memories we shared in Tucson at the Mission, as well as our other encounters in form. Thank you Joe for your service during her last days in form. Love, Diane

  6. on 03 Sep 2017 at 2:22 pm raven

    I love you Paula…blessings to you on your flight…thank you Joe…for your loving heart and words shared…so appreciated…Namaste

  7. on 03 Sep 2017 at 12:16 pm sasanijjs

    I would like to share Paula’s passing early this morning. She lived her life from a place of grace ,and carried that into her struggle with her illness. Paula lived her live in servitude of others opening those in her presence to their own light. Serving her over these past months has been a great honor. I am sad by the loss of her physical presence but, relieved that she is no longer in pain. Thank you for all of the physical and energetic support. I know she has felt that from the beginning. With love, joe – I love you Paula-

  8. on 02 Sep 2017 at 11:10 pm raven

    When attention rests…eyes open or closed…I feel like a weightless bubble floating in space… I notice that I paddle my canoe to that tiny island more often than ever before…or I could say that more often than ever before, I notice…namaste

  9. on 29 Aug 2017 at 9:44 pm sasanijjs

    I find my personal point of view to be a contributor if not the main contributor of judgment. Thankfully awareness makes it clear that I am really judging myself when I carry my point of view into a situation. When opened and present there is nothing but a watchfulness void of judgment. Point of views are created through our experiences. If we drop the experience and open to the moment there is no point in a point of view. We get to bare witness to our vast universal awareness everywhere.

  10. on 27 Aug 2017 at 2:27 pm Betty

    Carol: I tend to have very specific ideas of what i want but have come to know that if I am open to everything I may find something even better. When, as you say, I have tunnel vision, I miss out on so much because I am filtering out infinite possibilities of experiences or choices.

  11. on 27 Aug 2017 at 12:23 pm Diane

    I love having the Birdseye view of the eagle! It is freedom! As I am able to see and be the whole!

  12. on 27 Aug 2017 at 6:02 am ceejaypea

    A ‘personal point of view’ is like narrowing a search on the internet – your results become smaller in number and narrower in scope. And I find this very easy to do – even something as small as a preference leads to tunnel vision. The result – I am not experiencing reality. Dualities divide, us and them appear. I catch my exclusion by the discomfort that results. The less I live from a perspective, the easier and more natural and expansive is the experience of flow. Namaste.

  13. on 26 Aug 2017 at 11:09 am Diane

    This quote challenges me to meet everyone and everything as a reflection of me ! I have to see and embrace it all as a part of me and challenge me to go deeper and bring to the light all of it in me. The world is a macrocosm of the many microcosms ! This is why I continue to did the work. I am committed to healing myself in the hopes that it ripples out to the entire world albeit one person at a time.

  14. on 26 Aug 2017 at 10:44 am Betty

    What a relief it is that everything is not about “me.” The urgent need to protect and build up me, the frightening worry about what will happen to me, the need for others to “complete me,” or the necessity of things or circumstances to make “me” happy are all a source of suffering. When me drops away there is support, completion, connection with everyone and all. It’s not me against the world. I and all other beings are one being in love, of love. Forever.

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