My Favorite Mantra!

How can I openly embrace Peace in this moment?!

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  1. on 15 Jun 2019 at 11:58 am Diane

    In surrendering to what is (acceptance not necessarily liking or agreeing with it) brought me peace with regard to a situation with my cars windshield. Knowing that I cannot do anything other than wait the outcome out brought me peace as I simply accepted it and I remembered a workshop I took up at Omega with Byron Katie “Loving what is” ! A beautiful teaching.

  2. on 14 Jun 2019 at 7:26 pm Lori

    “Throughout the day, the fledgling dove I spoke of, was surrounded by the support of some loving adult doves – sitting a few respectful feet away from her.”
    Love this. Thank you for sharing this Keshav. Support all around even if not seen. This week, I did notice a dove sitting on the overhead lines. I swear it was looking in the window inviting me to hang out. I did. So peaceful. Last night’s drumming was another invitation to drop into heart space and open to the supportive and loving connection. Again, I accepted, dropping into peace. Body and mind stilled, heart opened even more. Energy flowed in and out. It was amazing. Then, mind reminded me I SHOULD go on a lower worlds journey to gather information but I didn’t leave as I had also heard the clear invitation to STAY. No where to go, no-thing to do. So very simple, so very peaceful.

  3. on 14 Jun 2019 at 8:04 am Keshav Howe

    The relevant question is "how do I continue to fall into war with life."

  4. on 10 Jun 2019 at 8:39 pm Betty

    After spending much time trying to figure out the answer to a problem and ending in frustration, I said, “I give up.” And I was flooded with peace.

  5. on 10 Jun 2019 at 5:33 am missy

    The Feeling of real Peace with the Doves comes so naturally it’s a beautiful reminder.
    The Lizard didn’t lay there Worrying when was Keshav or Donna gonna clean the pool it just lived in the waters moment and then Woke up again in the dry air! All expectations don’t even exist with them. Today I will be that Dove and that Lizard and let go so I can really Live. Namaste Keshav – Bravo !!

  6. on 08 Jun 2019 at 5:05 pm Donna

    I can openly embrace peace in any moment through trust, compassion, consideration and appreciation. Doing my best to trust that my way is not the only way, considering someone else’s feelings other than my own, appreciating life, not fighting with what is…peace is embraced when the battle within mind is seen for what it is…a futile habit that no longer serves a purpose.

  7. on 07 Jun 2019 at 12:15 pm Keshav Howe

    It is a true blessing to open to the raw essence fear. "Taking my seat," is a conscious decision to open to the raw feel of fear. The more I can open to fear, the more I can open to all the encouragement and support for crash test dummies like me.The raw power of the instinct to fly free, is a joyful reminder to keep jumping…
    Throughout the day, the fledgling dove I spoke of, was surrounded by the support of some loving adult doves – sitting a few respectful feet away from her. I was blessed to bear witness to such a graceful and supportive example off making room for the instinctual urge to fly free: to fully engage within all of us.

  8. on 05 Jun 2019 at 11:11 am Diane

    I am feeling like that little dove that fell out of its nest these days. It takes a few hours to Shake off the fear; which can only be done by being a witness to the fear, and meeting it so that I can see the love that is being masked by it!

  9. on 04 Jun 2019 at 6:05 pm Keshav Howe

    While doing chores out back…
    I was reminded that if I cannot Hear the Birds singing all around me, that is the call of Binky: to relax, and open up my senses to a much more harmonic experience of life. Resting in that quiet knowing is the innate instinct to heed the ever-present wake-up call for a course correction (mistake?).

    Inca Doves love to nest in our grapefruit tree. Today, a fledgling dove fell out of its nest and slammed onto the hard desert floor. The poor little dove looked freaked out; it took her about three minutes to right the ship.  It took several hours for the instinct to trust in her ability to fly, to really kick in.
    Yesterday, I woke up to a "dead" lizard at the bottom of our pool. There was no way to discern how long the lizard had been there. We scooped it up and lay it gently in the shady soil. There seemed to be tiny shiver of a movement – after a few minutes. A few hours later, it started to shake it off, and then proceeded to walk away.
    Lizards hibernate all winter. Perhaps its super power is its ability to put its body-mind on time-out. That may be necessary in order to recover from the consequences of lame-brain ideas involving traversing bodies of water.
    Just Saying…

  10. on 04 Jun 2019 at 7:35 am ceejaypea

    Indeed – we always have choice. Namaste.

  11. on 02 Jun 2019 at 3:44 pm sasanijjs

    Earlier today I went to get ice cream with the family ,and found myself to be a bit irritable. I remained calm ,but felt energetically agitated. When getting back into my car, I couldn’t have smacked my head any harder due to my lack of presence. My initial response wanted to be pissed off, however after a calm breath I chose peace. I took the smack as a reminder that there’s limitless opportunities to stay open to the vibrancy of the moment. Peace or War?

  12. on 01 Jun 2019 at 8:39 am Keshav Howe

    For me, this particular Mantra skirts the "fine line" between discipline and punishment.
    I speak as someone that has mastered the not-so-fine action of trying to find an innate Peace that can never truly be lost, just temporarily overlooked. That's the punishment.
    It does take some discipline, however, to "hold my ground" and simply allow life's inherently peaceful nature to reveal itself – right in plain view; without benefit or cause.
    Peaceful people do not search for Peace.

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