I do my best to stay quiet. But, our state and national electoral system has, is, and will likely continue to be hacked – by Russia. The very Integrity of this Country is under attack; in plain sight. And yet…

After reading the Mueller Report and listening to his testimony before congress – it is clear that an Impeachment Inquiry is now a Moral Imperative; not a petty political dilemma.

Time to let congress know how much we value living in a democracy. Time to call out our representatives, and remind them that We are the people they represent.

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  1. on 10 Aug 2019 at 3:06 pm sasanijjs

    Joe Rogan did an interview with Bernie Sanders that can be watched on YouTube if anyone’s interested.

  2. on 01 Aug 2019 at 7:06 am Keshav Howe

    Now is not the time to compromise our principles.
    Now is the time to make a deep and lasting commitment to freedom and justice for all.
    No more billionaires failing to pay their fair share of taxes. And, for the love of God – free health (mental and physical) care, and free education, for all. No more turning a blind eye away from the disenfranchised, and homeless.

    Disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed!

  3. on 26 Jul 2019 at 4:48 pm Keshav Howe

    No one is above the laws that defend and protect us All.

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