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The 'Quote of the Week' Sharings

Hell is…

Placing conditions on Happiness.

My Favorite Mantra!

How can I openly embrace Peace in this moment?!

Open Your Eyes!

How do you get someone to see something they cannot see?

The True Nature of Self!

The true nature of Self will never be known by gathering more information or knowledge; but, only by committing to asking fewer questions!

Fear and Mind!

There is no place for fear to take hold in a still and open mind!

Playing with Mind!

Peace of mind remains an elusive dream, until we put down the weapons of divisiveness that burden us all.

Looking for Peace

In order to directly experience peace, we have to give up the quest for peace.


Life is inevitability experienced as a series of fortunate mistakes, that are actually insightful course corrections.

Our Mind’s Propensity for Dreaming!

Our Mind's Propensity for Dreaming is greater than the Desire for Sleep. What are the implications?

Getting to Know Death!

Getting to Know Death!

In honor of Halloween, I decided to get to know Death a little bit better. Rather than jumping into a whole new relationship with Death, I decided to slow things down by just flirting with it. Here are my top five pick-up lines so far…

1. So, this is not your first funeral, is it?!

2. What a beautiful black cloak! How do you keep it so tidy and clean around all of this soot and smoke?

3. Did you make that beautiful staff; all by yourself?

4. It really has been delightful lurking around with you!!

5. What is stoking the fire in those beautiful red eyes?

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