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The 'Quote of the Week' Sharings

Insecurity and Renewal!

My relationship with Insecurity has been a very large cross to bear. I am aware of the importance of holding my ground when it appears, and I allow myself to feel how much I am holding onto a limited, flawed, and insecure idea of self. That pitifully powerless image of self is destined to fall away into an ever-present lightness of being. All I have to do is accept it, and let it be.

In a that clear light of being, insecurity is seen to be a beacon, that, all the while, has been here to reveal that I will survive the death of impersonating myself. The clear choice is how to consciously dream a New Dream. Thank you insecurity for revealing that like all mind activity: insecurity is not an object of attention, but a process of renewal!

Shadows and Light!

Shadows and light cannot be separated. Be weary of falling under the spell of stories of good and bad; or how things should or should not be.


To remain open and responsive to change requires staying receptive to the present; making allowances for fresh and creative ways to stay open to change.

Making Peace with What Changes!

Acknowledge the wave; remain True to the Ocean! Remain attentive to habitual and reactive patterns of behavior, that arise in response to ever-changing life circumstances.


I do my best to stay quiet. But, our state and national electoral system has, is, and will likely continue to be hacked – by Russia. The very Integrity of this Country is under attack; in plain sight. And yet…

After reading the Mueller Report and listening to his testimony before congress – it is clear that an Impeachment Inquiry is now a Moral Imperative; not a petty political dilemma.

Time to let congress know how much we value living in a democracy. Time to call out our representatives, and remind them that We are the people they represent.

The Only Thing There Is!

To strike a balance between the relative (impermanent) and Absolute (permanent) aspects of Mind (Self)! (acknowledge the wave; stay true as the ocean)

The Greatest Loss in Life!

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we "live" life!

Hell is…

Placing conditions on Happiness.

My Favorite Mantra!

How can I openly embrace Peace in this moment?!

Open Your Eyes!

How do you get someone to see something they cannot see?

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