I am a Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, and shamanic retreat Tour Guide, through both ordinary and transcendental aspects of reality. The emphasis of these explorations is to yield to the eternity of the Moment. I base my intensives and teachings at the Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Healing Center in northern Tucson, Arizona, where I live and work. During the retreats, awareness of any resistance to an unfiltered inner exploration of Self motivates us to stop looking for peace and make room for it to find us.

The blessing of a spiritual retreat is that we allow experienced healers to guide us through spiritual practices designed to refocus attention so that all filters obstructing a clear view of Self fall away into irrelevancy. Our attention tends not to wander into stories of self when our Original Self is perpetually watching. There is an aspect of us all that can never truly overlook its eternal essence, only who we imagine or dream ourselves to be. Inevitably, we all learn to rely on our own direct and unfiltered experiences of life, particularly as the focus of mind activity transitions from filtering life through a personal and point of view and settles into a primal, alert, and relaxed wakefulness. Assuming my role as the silent witness of life, watching is watching and not me.

Rather than struggling with how to manage life’s uncertainties and fears, there is an aspect of all of us that is in perpetual repose; just parked in neutral; a silent witness of it all. It is the part of us all that will make room for life circumstances to flow gracefully through without taking life personally. This intimate aspect of Cosmic Consciousness seamlessly functions at a level of intelligence far beyond the capacity of our personal sense of self. My multi-disciplinary approach to Self-discovery points to the straightforward and plain truth that we are not here to awaken to, but as the eternal aware presence that illuminates the world.

The local desert flora, mountain sunrises, and sunsets flow gracefully with my blossoming Zen/Shamanic meditation practice. The ever-present spirits of nature are powerful tools for healing and transformation that remind me when I am casting a shadowing upon my light. The doves and lizards will harmoniously hang out and flow with me for hours or until I revert to an old habit of staring at or labeling them. 

If you are tired of running away from uncertainty and fear and wish to stand your ground, and take back your power of choice, now is the time to surrender to the luminous space between thoughts and other objects of attention–together.

Let’s keep the light on for each other, right here and now.

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