Spiritual Counseling…

The focus of my spiritual Counseling work and spiritual guidance is to give full attention to the present; and about how to give attention to behaviors, reactions to situations, moods, thoughts, emotions, fears, and desires as they occur. Together, we learn to be present enough to watch all those things compassionately and without judgment. Then we can feel those limiting beliefs, viewpoints, and dramas fall away under the weight of unexplored beliefs and expectations. I am not a psychotherapist. I do not work towards healing past wounds to relieve current conditions. Rather than avoiding or denying anything appearing in the present moment, including painful feelings, my guidance is to embrace the dualistic aspect of pain, where the antidote is woven into the very essence of that feeling. That subtle dynamic has little chance of being detected when we are busy denying or trying to get rid of it.

If we can consciously embrace love within ourselves, we can improve relationships with everyone and everything around us by mirroring that Love. Many of us come to experience a profound sense of peace patiently “waiting for us” as we surrender to the loving embrace of an unfiltered moment. In the role of spiritual counselor, I guide spiritual aspirants to work with uncomfortable emotions and feelings, such as fear and uncertainty, with open hearts and “no mind.” My role is to erect and maintain a bridge of peace and knowing that outshines the desire to view life through a doubtful, outworn, and personalized smoky lens. I primed the mind to open and learn to be ready for anything, even the recognition that there is nothing to do and everything to be.

We have all had experiences where the scent of a flower, the sight of a bird in flight, a smile, or a simple act of kindness has evoked feelings of love and connection so much so that all attachments to being a time-bound and separate sense of self fall away. The clear and ongoing invitation is to capitulate to the timeless and boundless rhythm and flow of existence. A sure sign that we are in harmony with the essential nature of life is the existence of a causeless, ease, and lightlessness of being.