Shamanic Journeying

The first and primary mission of the shamanic journeyer is to establish or foster the relationship with their power animal (spirit guide). Specifically, they are looking for knowledge that they can use to enhance their everyday ordinary reality lives. After gathering information for one’s self or on behalf of another, the journeyer returns up through the tunnel with the aid of a change in the drumbeat and returns to ordinary reality to utilize or share his or her insights. Subsequent journeys can be made to the upper world(s) where people connect with non-ordinary reality teachers that manifest in human form.

There has been a remarkable rise in the popularity of shamanism in the past several years, as experienced by a jump in the number of people that have attended a series of shamanic workshops that we have offered during that period. People from just about every conceivable background and age range (basically from eight to eighty-eight) have experienced those workshops. Some attend them regularly in order to explore shamanic journeying at more profound levels.

Many people have reported that through the use of shamanic journeying they have learned that they can access their most intimate spiritual power to get answers to highly personal questions. Shamanic journeyers do so by expanding their vision of reality to combine both ordinary and non-ordinary resources to gather and use deeply perceptive insights.