Whenever we meet we sit together in a circle of unity around a sacred fire. Initially, we do so in silent reflection. We then engage in an intimate investigation into the nature of spiritual awakening and living an awakened life.

General Class Information:

All events are facilitated by Keshav Howe at the Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Sanctuary and Healing Center located at 6001 North Placita Rodeo, Tucson, AZ 85704. The workshops are approximately 2 hours in duration. To register for workshops email Keshav by clicking on the Contact link on the main menu.

There is a cash only recommended donation of $20 per class.

Seminars vary in nature from beginner meditation techniques to more advanced shamanic healing practices.  Specific descriptions of a workshop are available by clicking on the appropriate month.  Pre-registration is  suggested, but walk-ins are very welcome.  However, it would be greatly appreciated if you e-mailed me to confirm your attendance prior to an event.  

What to bring:

Something comfortable to sit on such as a pillow or backjack; a light blanket or throw; Comfortable clothing; an eye covering of some sort; Pen and paper and an open heart and mind.

Please click on individual events for directions to Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf.

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