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One-On-One Intensive:

Extended immersion in the stillness of now is how we drop our fixation on objects and embrace the vastness of the present moment.  We live in a world where all things that appear, constantly change, decay, and then disappear into a formless presence.  Our physical bodies and all phenomena such as thoughts, perceptions, and feelings are transient as well.  The impermanent nature of all that we associate with our sense of self is something that we try not to dwell on too often or for too long.  My experience is that when we fully open to the fragility of life and its constantly changing nature we actually appreciate life more, not less.  What a rare and remarkable gift it is to be conscious of the graceful flow of life.  It is such a blessing to experience that all of existence is made of the same presence participating in the infinite, simultaneously.  This divine spirit is our true formless nature.  Our journey together beyond the attachment to being a separate self and into the clarity of our original presence starts by focusing all attention on the immediacy of each moment.  A clear view of our true self beyond all limited identities is revealed when we surrender to the ongoing flow of life in a moment of stillness.  As we free ourselves of the habit of comparing, naming, or evaluating, the direct unfiltered experience of the truth of our fundamental suchness is exposed.  In a moment devoid of mind activity, we realize that our self is part of an interconnected whole, absent of any discrete witnessing presence.

All weekend intensives are at the Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Sanctuary in Tucson, AZ, and are designed to reveal the unfiltered and eternal nature of reality in a way that is specific to the style of the spiritual aspirant. I am here to break down any resistance to merging with, and as, the eternal presence that is the energetic essence that illuminates existence.

If you would like additional information about an Individual Intensive including the cost, please don’t hesitate to email me by clicking here.