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I am happy to announce the upcoming Third annual Weekend Intensive at the Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Retreat Center: Here in the Magical Sonoran Desert that surrounds Tucson, Arizona: September 12 – September 15, 2019

      All intensives focus on reconciling the differences between the Absolute and relative aspects of Mind. We are all aware that our attachment to a highly filtered mindset is often fueled by derisive beliefs, and ideas, about what we think we want, and how life “should” appear. Such conceptual distractions tend to coincide with reactionary projections onto life; fueled by relatively unconscious and fearful rhetoric about changing life circumstances. The Absolute Mind rests in Undivided Attention, and true to its nature, gracefully transforms conflicts with life into powerful allies of Self-discovery.       Please consider jumping into a weekend of open-hearted devotion to a Clear and Undivided Mind, which innately knows how to coexist with divisive and habitual patterns of (highly personalized) behavior. Collectively, we will take a perspective break (time out) from the spell of relatively unconscious and painfully veiled perceptual filters. Instead, we will consciously commit to intervening with our own self-imposed and reactive tendencies, in order to embrace life as an ongoing act of purification, and loving service – as we learn to strike a harmonic balance between the relative (impermanent) and Absolute (permanent) aspects of Mind.         The cost of this intensive is $425.00. This includes   — Transportation from and to the Tucson International Airport. — Breakfast and dinner each day. Group lodging here at the Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Sanctuary.   The retreat officially starts with a healing drum circle at 5 pm on Thursday, September 12 (arrival day), and ends at noon on Sunday, September 15. Otherwise, we will be working from 8 am to 9 pm each day. If you are flying in, plan to arrive before 2 pm on Thursday, and to depart sometime on Sunday afternoon/evening; or early on Monday morning.         If you have further questions or want to reserve a spot, please call me at 860-338-0611 or email me at Space will be limited, so please get back to me as soon as possible. Please join me in this celebration of our true and lasting nature.   Namaste, Keshav                                                                    
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