Shamanic Meditation Studies

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This is an ongoing workgroup open for people who are dedicated to awakening and want to explore advanced shamanic methods of healing themselves, others and the planet.  The subject matter for both groups is ongoing and builds from one month to the next, and is by nature highly interactive and dynamic.  We delve deeply into numerous healing modalities from a variety of approaches from around the world.  From my perspective, the real benefit of these work groups is that they provide a means for people to develop a much greater sense of self-awareness and self-love. Through the process of learning about and utilizing shamanic healing methods, we uncover the vast inner beauty and wisdom that dwells within us.  By deepening our connection with ourselves, we strengthen our emotional and spiritual bond with others.  The love and compassion associated with such work on behalf of ourselves and others provide extremely powerful and long lasting results.  Each meeting is very energetic, and we learn through mutual support, focused discipline and sharing.

The study group is named the Shamanic Meditation Studies Group. This group of dedicated seekers usually meets on the third Saturday of each month at the Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Sanctuary in Tucson, Arizona from 3 pm to 5:30 pm.  Most people call in from other areas of the country via Skype. I facilitate and there is a $25 fee for the over-the-month teachings and the monthly gathering.  This is a very exciting and progressive workgroup.

Here are the criteria to be a member of the Shamanic Meditation Studies Group:
I ask that all members of this group make showing up every month a priority and that you schedule your other activities around our meeting dates. I am not insisting that you be there for every meeting, but that you make a concerted effort to do so. I do insist that you miss no more than three meetings in any calendar year – if you do so, you will be asked to leave the group. I INSIST that you become a registered member of my website and jump into both the quotes of the week (there may be anywhere from two to four per month) and the Advanced Shamanic Studies Group Community Share. I insist that you make at least one entry for each quote and that you post at least once on the Advanced Shamanic Studies Group homework section of the site – each month. I also insist that you respond to at least one of the postings submitted by another member of the group. This is very important to me because those quotes and the ongoing homework are a reflection of what we will be doing when we meet each month. It fosters a sense of community and is a perfect set up for the monthly gatherings. As a member of this group, I INSIST that you schedule at least one one-on-one session with me either in person or via phone each month. If you are a member of this group and are unable to fulfill any of the criteria for any month, you will be asked to leave the group.
 If you need additional information about the Shamanic Studies Group,  please don’t hesitate to email me by clicking here.