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To interface with “life situations” as they arise with clarity, is to be aware that each of us is responsible for opening our hearts to experience pure emotions without falling into old and stale reactive patterns.  By ceasing to follow our mind’s tendency to want something “more”, “different”, or “’better”, one encounters the opportunity to be free.  We realize that this alive, vibrant and ever–present place of stillness is one’s true nature.  It is there, that there is nowhere to go, no one to be and nothing to do.  The biggest challenge for us all is to surrender our self–importance, and see the emptiness of our personal story.  Fundamentally, our attachment to the “story of me” needs to awaken in order for us to be free.  I ask each apprentice to experience whatever life–situation is arising without avoiding or overindulging in it – to meet it head-on, without any hope of knowing what will happen.

Apprentice ProgramI use an assortment of exercises based on my own personal awakening to the essence of what I really am.  After gauging where each apprentice is in his or her “process”, I design a focused set of exercises so that each will experience a profound transformation in their state of awareness and presence.  I make every effort to make each apprentice’s awakening experience intense, challenging, and distinctive.  As is the case with my counseling practice, the apprenticeship program is facilitated in person for those in the Connecticut area or via telephone when the distance is an issue.

Regardless of the circumstances that brought you to choose to wake up to what you really are, apprenticeship work is profoundly fulfilling, focused and very intimate.  Freedom is a state of complete and absolute insecurity and not knowing.  Ironically, it is in the very search for security and safety where we actually distance ourselves from the Freedom and Love that we desire.

At a minimum, I ask that all apprentices schedule at least three one–on–one sessions with me every month.  I also ask that all apprentices write me a weekly email outlining the challenges & joys that they encounter as they open their hearts to freedom.  All apprentices receive an over–the–month homework assignment via the Community Share blog section of this website.  My wish is that all apprentices share their experiences online with each other regarding that assignment.  Apprentices can intensify the process by attending my workshops, intensives and by accompanying me on power journeys to sacred sites.  Because what I share is alive and ever-evolving, I ask that apprentices attend at least one of those power journeys every eighteen months.  I have set up a scholarship program that may assist apprentices that might find this requirement financially challenging.

If you need additional information about my apprentice program, please don’t hesitate to email me by clicking here.