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From a shamanic perspective, ordinary reality is the world of form, and non-ordinary Reality (Bardo of Becoming) is the transitory realm of power or revelation flowing between the physical world and the infinite.  This transitory realm is where preternatural creativity spontaneously appears in form, which is in stark contrast to the unoriginal and superficial.  The transmission of divine wisdom is without ownership and always points to who we already are.  That perpetual broadcast prominently appears in non-ordinary reality as a spontaneous spark of knowing or creative insight without referring to a discrete knower.  From a transpersonal perspective, we are beings of light and sound vibration.

  Until we fully surrender to the natural unfiltered rhythm of life, we will continue to rely on the latest evaluation of how life should or should not be, in order for us to be all right.  Starting with simple or relatively mundane tasks, we can consciously focus all of our attention on whatever we are doing at the moment, and nothing more.  Inevitably there is a moment where absolutely everything around us is perpetually in perfect harmony.  Everything appears within, including the separate sense of self that feels I am lacking, or the victim of original sin.  When we root attention in the now, all the people, birds, animals, plants, rocks, trees, elements, and all other forms that appear in life are a part of the same vast background presence – experienced directly as one nature.  To treat any one part of the natural environment poorly is to treat all of nature with disrespect.  A sure sign that I am in harmony with the essential nature of life is the existence of a causeless, ease, and lightlessness of being.

For me, the pilgrimage style of sitting silently in nature is a powerful shamanic practice.  Undivided attention rooted in presence leaves no distinction between its various expressions in the material world.  It is the same spirit that animates the entire ecosystem of the planet.  To truly appreciate that all nature is one nature we must cast aside the habituated patterns of ordinary perception that refer to a personal self.  Then, we can open to the essential nature of existence, not as an animal obsessed with survival, or a human hung up with words and concepts.  Fully embracing our true and lasting essence as spirit in form means to drop all regrets about the past, concerns about what should or should not be happening in the present moment, and all fears about what may happen.  Freedom must be more important or interesting than the security of the known; or being liked, appreciated, or understood.

  Just Watching exposes a pivot point of undifferentiated awareness where we are neither attached to, nor detached from sensory perceptions, and thoughts.  The pull of attention into some commentary about what is happening at the moment is literally a waste of time. The part of us that is “Just Watching” is doing so without expectations or beliefs, and shows a capacity to temper modulations of energy in such a way, that one sound or thought is no more interesting than another.  I am well aware that there is no conflict with life when we make peace with divisive tendencies.  Also, if we make the time to look directly at the workings of mental activity, the clear and fluid nature of existence right in plain sight. If we hold on to the misguided belief, that life is a lot of work, or somehow an ongoing burden; it sure appears that way.  I know that the tension-filled heaviness associated with holding onto a flawed image of self is really a cue to wake up and open to a more conscious aspect of myself. There is also the realization that taking the focus off of some end goal is not giving up. It’s more a matter of staying receptive to the present; allowing for a fresh response to ever-changing life circumstances.  We can never forget who we really are, only who we imagine ourselves to be. Surrendering to what is in the eternal presence of the moment is yielding to, rather than opposing, the organic and timeless flow of life.

As we awaken to our true and divine nature, we discover that the heat of your spiritual renewal brings us to a place where a profound and lasting healing can occur.  As part of our spiritual awakening process, I encourage you to please explore the mix of healing modalities that I offer.  If you feel drawn towards one or more in particular, or perhaps have a sensation of some new sense of expansiveness as you read the overview descriptions, take a chance, jump in, and you may find that they are highly beneficial as you fully embracing your divinity. We are here to support and guide each other.

Payments: My hourly PayPal fee for an in-office or telephone Spiritual Counseling session is $70 via PayPal.  When three sessions are paid for at once, the total payment is $200. I accept cash payments or checks of $65 at the beginning of an office visit.