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My counseling work is designed to help people awaken to their true and permanent nature – not to tell people how to dream a better or different dream. Spiritual Counseling 4In the process of awakening, many people report that they feel discomfort as old thought patterns, beliefs and stories come up for renewal.  However, those same people also recount that unlike what has happened in the past, there is now little or no suffering added to their experience.  It is on this shaky new ground, where such suffering, struggling, striving, seeking and searching stops, that the mind tends to be quiet. In the presence of simply feeling whatever arises, the mind does not have a job anymore.  So, as feelings arise, from the most blissful to the most depressing, I ask people to simply feel fully with an open heart.

Greeting Life with An Open Heart: Greeting life with an open heart affords a wonderful opportunity to remove the focus off of what we are projecting onto life.  We fall into the very freedom that we were once searching for when we redirect our projective energy inward.  By being attentive to arising emotions and by delving below those surface feelings, our passion for self-inquiry grows.  When we choose to look inwards, and open up to what our heart has to say, it becomes self evident that the thoughts and feelings that arise in any given moment have nothing to do with whom we really are.  How can we be defined by any state that is just passing through – however pleasant or unpleasant these states may seem to be?  To directly experience the stillness of pure unfiltered awareness is truly liberating.  This sublime and transformational state of being is ever present and available for us all!