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I use plant spirit healing tinctures as a supplement to my spiritual counseling practice and  plant spirit healing treatments.  Each tincture is infused with a combination of plant spirits designed for a particular person, with a specific imbalance that manifests in a unique way with them.  I feel that approaches to wellness need be tailored to the individual, because we all have unique challenges to overcome.  Sadly, most healing paradigms focus on Tincturessuppressing symptoms, and, thereby, totally disregard the root cause of a “disease”.  The emphasis of Plant Spirit healing is to expose and treat the underlying imbalances in your Spirit that manifest spiritually, emotional and physically. As did my ancestors, I gain knowledge about the healing qualities of plants in two ways.  First, I sit with a plant and develop a direct and highly personal relationship with it.  During the course of fostering that relationship – done with profound regard and respect – I simply ask the plant spirits about the “medicine” that they have to offer.  In addition, I commune with plant spirits via dream visions called shamanic journeys.  It is through these discourses with the natural world that the sacred healing properties of plants reveal themselves.  This healing way is an ancient and time-honored path of spiritual discovery, which demands dedication, patience and reverence for all living beings. Fortunately, as they have done for centuries, the plant spirits continue to communicate their healing ways to those who choose to listen.  Every plant spirit offers a unique gift of healing, as does every tincture that I produce.  The intent of the healing energy is to bring ones Body, Mind, and Spirit back into balance and harmony with its true nature.  Our plant spirit allies are here to remind us that although imbalances arise and subside, our steady state is one of unity, wellness, unwavering peace and wholeness. My custom designed and handmade Plant Spirit Tinctures are available upon request as a means of support for those doing ongoing inner inquiry – for people willing to face whatever arises, and then delve deeply within until only love remains.

Cost:  The cost for a 1 oz. tincture is $20.00. A 2 oz. size is available for $40.00 – shipping and handling are included in the price. I do not accept checks as payment for plant spirit tinctures. Please click here to make a Plant Spirit Tincture payment.
If you need additional information about my Plant Spirit Tinctures, or to order a Tincture, please don’t hesitate to email me by clicking here.