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I am pleased to share with you some of books, music, movies, and tools that have and continue to inspire me. Ego is the movement of the mind toward objects of perception, in the form of grasping; and, away from objects, in Recommendationsthe form of aversion. This fundamentally is all the ego is. This movement of grasping and aversion gives rise to a sense of a separate “me,” and in turn the sense of “me” strengthens itself this way. It is this continuous loop of causation that tricks consciousness into a trance of identification with an illusion. All of the books, music, and movies that are listed here have in some way facilitated in reminding me of what I truly am beyond the “me” that I was attached to for so many years. I urge you to rent some of my movie favorites at your local movie rental site. If there are books, music and movies that inspire you, please share – I intent that we use these materials to inspire each other. I await your suggestions.

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