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All of the Music Cd’s that are listed here have in some way facilitated in reminding me of what I truly am beyond the “me” that I was attached to for so many years.  If there are music selections that inspire you, please share – I intent that we use these materials to inspire each other. I await your suggestions! Namaste, Keshav


Afterglow – Michael Hoppe

Bali – Jalan Jalan

Beethoven Violen Concerto – David Oistrakh

Best of Wah! – Wah!

Buddhist Chants & Peace Music – Various Artists

Breath of the Heart – Krishna Das

Call Of The Mystic – Karunesh

Canyon Trilogy – Carlos Nakai

Close To Home Music by East West Poetry – David Whyte

Dakshina, Embrace, & Essence – Deva Premal

Delta Sleep System – Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Devotion – Rasa

East West Flute – Masayuki Koga

El–Hadra – Klaus Wiese

Eternal Om – Valley of the Sun

Feet in the Soil – James Asher

Flute Quartets – Emerson String Quartet

Healing – Anugama

Imaginaruim – Ma Ja Le

Indigo – Jim Donovan

Japanese Taiko – Joji Hirota

Kiva, Mystic Chords, & Sacred Spaces – Steve Roach

Liquid Mind 3 – Balance

Mozart Synphony # 41 (Jupiter) – Mozart

Nectar of the Name – Sat Purkh

Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya & Tamboura – Guru Chidvilasananda

Sacred Circle – Amrit Kirtan

Sacred Ground – Kelly Howell

Sacred Gateways – Jonathan Goldman

Sanctuary – Donna De Lory

Shakuhachi Meditation Music –  Stan Richardson

Shamanic Journey, Solo and Double Drumming – Michael Harner

Soma – Tom Kenyon

Stalker – Robert Rich

Tibetan Singing Bowls – Karma Tashi

Union – Rasa

Way to Katmandu – Karma Moffet

Wind & Mountain – Deuter

Winds of Devotion – Nakai Knechog

Yeha-Noha – Sacred Spirits

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