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It is my intent to make my services easily available to everyone in true need.  Your donation will assist me in maintaining a scholarship fund to do so.  The greatest payment to me is seeing the work positively affect the lives of Donationsothers.  I see donations as contributing to a community we all benefit.  To be a member of a community is to permit the divine to open the gates of our hearts.   Please help me to serve even more in my vocation where love claims all the hours. You will receive an email confirmation when your donation is processed. This donation is tax deductible. Please retain your email receipt for your records.

Suggested Donation Amounts: I am happy to accept a donation of any amount; it really is the thought that counts.  Here are some amounts I feel may be reasonable.  Again, – it is amazing to see how far even one dollar can go.  Thank you in advance for such a blessing. $25 towards my reduced–fee and free time with someone in true need. $15 for the supplies used in my practice, such as room rentals, printing costs, and tincture bottles, etc. $10 for services to support the nutritional and physical needs of those who venture onto power journeys. $5 for a small energetic gift that has saved you some time – or if you just enjoy the site/photo/sharings/etc. Payments: PayPal (credit card) is the preferred method for donations at this time.   If it is more convenient, however, to make a donation via check, that would most certainly be welcome. Namaste, Keshav        

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