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Deep Shamanism (Power Journeys)


IntensivesExtended immersion in the work is how we come to lay down all our defenses. We are as if just naked with no clothes, no weapons and nowhere to hide. I find that we come to experience the grace of being deeply present in the here and now, if we can manage to stay open in the midst of seeming this vulnerable, this exposed. I will do everything possible to assist you in opening your heart during these weekend intensives. I invite you to welcome yourself home. Please explore these intensives.

Teotihuacán Mexico, India, Thailand, Hawaii, Peru, and Tucson, AZ… These are more than a list of exotic locations. To embark on a power journey to such places is to take a leap into the core of essential beingness – into the unknown, into LOVE.

My intent for these intense journeys into the unknown is for all of us to reclaim the power of love by seeing that all of our limiting stories of unworthiness and all of our defenses are illusions. Grace is here NOW! It is time for all of us to take responsibility for our own inner peace, and to relax into the truth of who we really are – at all cost!!

We have all projected love out onto loved ones and at some point found them to be unreliable, and have therefore concluded that love was not trust worthy. And, for the most part, since love has been identified as being connected with another person, this supports our distrust around it. However, love is not a person – it is truth, beauty, clarity, peace and purity.

To know ourselves, to surrender to the truth of ourselves, is to surrender to love. We are love! The degree to which we hold back from surrendering everything to it is the degree to which we suffer. Ask yourself, what would happen if I totally surrender to love? Join us on a power journey and find out for yourself!

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