Plant Spirit Medicine Studies

Learn to communicate with plant spirits Everyone can learn how to talk to plants and how to communicate with plant spirits. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be intuitive, it’s not that hard to pick up—it just might take some time, like it does to learn any new skill. Plants may not have ears, but they can definitely “hear/feel” our desire to communicate when we talk to them. It seems like a telepathic method of communication is at play. When we speak with another human being, we’re not talking to their flesh and blood. You’re talking to the thing that makes them alive: their spirit, their soul. It’s the same when you’re communicating with plants. You’re not hearing an actual, audible voice that everyone else can hear. It’s a lot more subtle. It’s like telepathic communication. You might hear a voice in your head. You might see images. You might smell a fragrance that reminds you of something else. When you speak with another person, do you have complex rituals? Probably not. When you speak with a plant spirit, it’s the same. There’s really only one rule: be respectful. I think it’s really helpful when interacting with plant spirits to think about our behavior in this way: would you do this with a person you don’t know? Think about human etiquette and apply that to your communication with plant spirits. If you’re just getting started talking to plant spirits, make sure you head to a place where you feel comfortable. It might be easiest to start in the privacy of your home.

If you have houseplants, you can start with them. Or go outside and connect with a plant that’s in your garden. It can be a potted plant or a plant on the ground. They’re all alive, and they all have spirits. Bring a journal or notebook with you to make it easier for you to talk to the plant spirits. You might also want to bring a small offering for the plant, like a flower from another plant (ask permission!) or a few grains of corn from your garden. If you’re starting with a houseplant, water it (if it needs it) and tidy up the surface of its soil if it needs it. Give it some love. Sit quietly near the plant. Maybe meditate for a few minutes if that helps you to clear your mind. Connect with your own senses. Notice all the little details: what do you see all around you? What do you hear? How do you feel? What can you smell and taste? This is your starting point. If you brought a journal or notebook, write this all down. Do this even if you’re in your home and are used to the surrounding things—it will connect you to your senses. Let the plant get to know you—even if it’s a plant living in your home. It might come in a variety of forms: a vision or a symbol, spoken words that you hear in your mind, a feeling, a taste or smell.

When you learn how to talk to plant spirits, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s not like talking with another person. You probably won’t hear their voices out loud, but instead, you’ll hear their words in your mind. Or you might not hear a voice at all—you might see an image in your mind, or feel an emotion, or smell a scent. As I said earlier, I think that this is what makes communicating with trees so difficult for some people. You have to re-learn how to communicate. It’s like learning a new language. And it’s a lot more subtle than communicating with people. You might get a specific mental image that will give you clues about what the plant spirit is trying to tell you. Talking to your houseplants—or garden plants—can be beneficial to both your plant’s health and to your own mental health. Talking to houseplants creates a deeper level of connection between you and your plants. It’s an easy way to improve your relationship with them. Plants are certainly no substitute for human socializing, but if you’ve got at least one houseplant to talk to, you’re not truly alone in your house. How do you know that it’s real? Here’s how I know: when I channel spirit guides or talk to plant spirits, their voices differ from mine. And I don’t just mean the sound of their voices—the type of language they use is different. They word things differently. They don’t sound like the way I speak. They might have a different accent. If you’re still in doubt, you can ask the plants for a sign that it’s really them talking to you, and not just your inner fantasies or delusions. You might find that talking to plant spirits is easy for you. Or you might find that it takes time and effort—and more patience than you expected. Remember to slow down and be patient. Learning a new skill takes time.