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Spiritual paths are littered with seekers searching for teachings, techniques, and strategies that will hopefully shield them from the inevitable death of the body and mind that are referred to as “me.”  This individual and beliefscollective quest search for security and permanency is full of highly conditioned, and mostly unchallenged beliefs that protect the separate sense of self that fears change.  Unfortunately, it is those  same beliefs that cloud any clear view of our true and limitless self.  The reality is that at the core we are unchanging, birth-less, and deathless.  It does not take a process to fully embrace that truth.  Only when we let go of all beliefs about life are we free to live it.  A direct pathless path is a simple shift of attention away from looking out at the objects that appear in the world from an individual to a global perspective.  Yielding to the true vibrancy of the present moment is all that it takes to remove obstacles to a completely different paradigm of transcendental beingness beyond the observable physical universe.  Self-realization is not only awakening from all conceptualized beliefs about life, but also from the one who presumes to benefit from following those beliefs.  What we awaken to is a deep and lasting universal knowing about the true nature of reality.

Shattering all of our beliefs does not mean that we cannot form an opinion about things, we can, and we do.  The difference is that we no longer filter our experiences of life through them.  For most of my life I shared a common belief that the world will be a better place if only everyone had the same point of view as me.  On a collective scale such seemingly innocuous personal points of view contribute to a culture that shares in the illusion of separation.  As it becomes clear that the separate self is a concept of mind, the beliefs that fuel it automatically drop away.  As frightening as releasing all beliefs about life may seem, it is a huge relief to finally do so.  For most of us the collapse of our fear driven belief system does take some time and focused attention to fall into total irrelevancy.  Even after it is clear that there is no secure and permanent separate self, it usually takes some resolve and persistence to stop following all beliefs about life.  My observation is that beliefs do imply a certain lack of certitude.  If we knew that something were true there would be no need to erect and defend a point of view about it.  Truth is just self-evident and really has nothing to do with either believing or not believing.

Without following beliefs about how life should or should not be, enough energy is freed up to surrender to the vibration of light that illuminates the world.  In the absence of beliefs about life there is an influx of loving and compassionate energy that can be overwhelming free at first.  Eventually we open enough to accommodate the vast and ambient light that was once hidden behind a conceptual veil.  Sometimes the entire world of form shifts from the foreground to the background, and we drown in the vibrant flow of unfiltered energy.  As a result of such powerful experiences, it is not uncommon to spontaneously laugh or cry for no apparent reason.  Such a cleansing release of energy is the feel of the falling away of our speculations about life.  What happens is that we tend to tighten around the influx of vastness and hold onto a dualistic intensity rather then merging with abject immensity.  If we do not become too fascinated with gaining something from, or attaching a meaning to that metamorphosis, we can fully realize that conscious presence both transcends and subsumes all dualistic expressions of its permanent nature.  All that is really required is an unwavering willingness to experience the world without a personal vantage point.

If we truly know that we are infinite beings at the core, there is no need to develop a belief about that realization.  The truth speaks for itself.  We eventually stop thinking ourselves, and take in the obvious perfection of reality in the moment.  Then we are free to simply be ourselves.  Any attempt to convince our selves or others to believe that truth is its very denial.  When we abide in and as spirit, nothing needs to be added or taken away from reality in any given moment.  Nothing needs to be believed, achieved, or practiced in order to realize that we are all facets of a single eternal jewel. Only from the perspective of vastness can we recognize that the energy of the infinite is perfectly in sync, and is always supporting us.  What is secure, permanent, and essential is free of speculation and want.

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