Advanced Studies

)- Insights and Sharings

I have lived and thrived in Zen and Shamanic community settings in the role of student and teacher for much of my adult life. It’s apparent to me that a community of open-hearted and open-minded beings that are consciously experimenting and exploring with life-changing insights into the fundamental nature of reality is where I want to be. Sharing life-altering insights that arise from the previously unknown aspects of consciousness, with fellow explorers, is remarkably inspiring – for us all. This is what teachers and students have in common.

This “Advanced Studies” blog is the place where we will share what arises when the veracity of our ideas about the nature of Consciousness and Reality are challenged by a group of explorers that share their “data” with others that “sit” in a sacred circle together. The insights that arise from members of this Advanced Studies Group are only truly valuable when tested by, and shared with, all community members. The salient point is that we explorers into the unknown are challenged to establish and maintain a common ground of understanding for us all.

I am looking for spiritual aspirations to join me as part of an exploratory studies group that I am facilitating. I am looking for people who are willing and able to take on ongoing, evolving, and shared homework assignments with the whole group, including me. When all members of the group are actively delving into the same homework assignments as other members, and share what is uncovered with all group members; now, that is inspiring.

The Advanced Studies group will meet for a few hours via Zoom, on the third Saturday of every month. The monthly fee for this members-only group is $25. And, we all need to do the homework. Each member of the Advanced Group is also required to schedule a meeting with me at least once a month.

Please contact me if you are interested in surrendering to the unknown without a parachute.

Remember: nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists. Here and Now is the Godhead.

I am so very excited to sit in a Sacred Circle with You…    Welcome aboard and get ready to jump!!

First – Advanced Studies Zoom -Meeting is at noon Mountain Standard Time on Saturday June 15th



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