Slowly walk down an enclosed indoor space (such as an indoor hallway), with eyes wide open; for about 5 minutes. Moving at a snail’s pace. Then, slowly turn around and take a 5-minute walk back to the starting point. Allow the energy “behind” and “in front” of you to support and embrace you. Do this exercise for a few days; extending both time and distance to 10 and then 15 minutes!

Take the same round-trip “journey” through an open outdoor space on the third and subsequent days. The one called life. Do so for at least 10 minutes on those days.

Please play with this exercise and comment on what you notice about any changes in your relationship with inner spaces, your thoughts, and the energetic rawness of a singular inner consciousness. Also, please notice what happens with your “relationship” with the objects that appear within and along your journeys.

Post what you notice when the “IDEA” of being on a trip to somewhere else, or coming back from somewhere else, is no longer a focal point of the journey. This is the right time to Feel and then know that Our Intent is powerful. Trying to figure out how to find our way home, knowing that we are already Home, is the common ground of understanding that frees us from our ignorance of our true and eternal nature.