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The stories that we tell ourselves and others about the selves we are presenting as “me” are all filtered through a personal point of view; it’s a version of reality often based loosely on the truth.

Once we choose to focus awareness on the universal nature of life, the space between thought and words – the stories fall away. What remains is a timeless non-state that is innately still. We all realize that stillness is what we are – the price to open to that realization is some or most of the filtered stories dropping away. Stillness remains!

Stillness is an autonomy wherein awareness is aware of itself being total and complete. It is not a state we ever really enter and leave.

As you wake up to your eternal nature, perhaps you could benefit from my spiritual counsel, particularly while you are balancing ordinary and non-ordinary reality matters. We are here to remind each other of our Divine Nature. And how to inspire each other to stay rooted in the present. I can guide you along a path that ends with you trusting and believing in yourself. I would be honored to be part of your team as a mentor, counselor, or  adviser.

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