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Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is an easy-to-learn technique that provides quick, effective, and long-lasting ease of mind. In that respect, it seems ideally suited for those who lead very busy and hectic lives. In fact, many people supplement their daily meditation practices with shamanic journeying. Others use it as their primary source of ongoing peace and relaxation. The information gathered during a shamanic journey provides a means for people to develop a much greater sense of self. Such shamanic explorations are also a highly useful means to deepen one’s emotional and spiritual connection with other people.

Transcendental SpIrit Guides

We are not merely a discrete body-mind, but the Eternal Spirit that faithfully expresses itself here in the world of form. This immediate and intimate truth is self-evident in a moment of stillness, as we consciously accept the present moment just as it is. Even after such a glimpse of this deeper truth, we can continue to lead lives as beings separate from everything and everyone else in the world. Such a dualistic life, however, is full of a sense of lack, anxiety, and conflict. In my role as a shaman, I consciously build a bridge of communication for you between the world of form (ordinary reality) and the astral realms. I will assist you in removing self-imposed boundaries between your conceptual idea of self and your transcendental existence.

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Plant Spirit Guides

Over the years, it has become obvious that spirit delights in perceiving itself out of itself, in every moment, without an individual self to whom it refers. Scientists are now discovering what shamans have known for eons. Plants and plant spirits communicate their wisdom or “medicine” not only biochemically, but through sound oscillations and light vibrations. When our attention is rooted in spirit, there is no distinction between its various expressions of eternal grace in the material world. It is the same spirit that animates the entire ecosystem of the planet. To truly appreciate that all nature is one nature, we must continue to open to casting aside habituated patterns of ordinary perception that refer to a personal self. And, instead, to be a clear reflection of the divinity within, that shines brightly – everywhere.