Spirit Guides

Fortunately, preternatural creativity appears spontaneously as an invitation to embrace primordial contentment independent of life’s ever-changing content. In that way, we develop into willing servants to our true and lasting nature. An interplay of sound and light vibration is how spirit primarily perceives itself in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality. The transmission of divine wisdom is without ownership and always points to who we already are. That perpetual broadcast of creative insight is open for all of us to rediscover. Fortunately, it just takes one moment of stillness for the aperture of awareness to open, and the mutual interdependence between all expressions of spirit to become self-evident. Spirit guides assist us in unconditionally falling in love with where we are, and to stop waiting for objects, people, and experiences to make us happy. Primarily, they transmit the truth about our connection to the divine via both sound and light vibration. Our job is to wake up from a dream of separation and remember that we are both the Dreamer and the dream.

The challenge for all of us is to stop, open our eyes, and clearly see what spirit guides have been sharing with all of us since the dawn of time. These guides often come as signs and signals, like seeing a hawk every time you have a specific thought or experience. It’s also common to see animal guides in dreams, meditations, and visions. Assign your own meaning to these guides or ask them what they’re here to show you. Messages and guidance might come in unexpected ways. Plus, not everyone has the same sensing abilities. For instance, some people are more adept at hearing messages (clairaudience), while some are better at seeing images in their mind’s eye (clairvoyance). We must learn to trust our instincts in whatever form they show up, and don’t expect any of this to feel or look a certain way. When you’re done, thank your guide, gently open your eyes, and record your experience in a journey.