The Shamanic Studies Work Group is an ongoing membership group designed to explore how individual and collective shifts in consciousness can facilitate significant changes in the world.

Here are the criteria necessary to create and maintain a common ground of healing between the Astral and Physical worlds. Michael Harner referred to this shift in attention as “Deep Shamanism, and Carlos Castaneda called it “Focused Intent”. Here are my requirements:

1. Meet with me for at least one one-on-one meeting per month. ($70 per session).

2. Work on and post your findings regarding the common homework that all group members are working on individually and collectively. Meet with the group monthly on the third Saturday of every month to delve into working between the astral and physical realms. ($25 monthly for my teachings).

3. Jump into and post what comes up when exploring some of the Community Insights section of my site.

4. Save whatever personal matters come up for you out of the group. I am not a therapist and will do my best to leave past and future issues out of our meetings.