Ongoing Explorations

        (Shamanic Group Intensive)

When the mind is still, nothing can disturb it. When nothing can disrupt the still mind, it ceases to exist in the same “old” way. Ongoing explorations into the collective unknown will always be critical to understanding the nature of reality. I observe that a crack in our “view” of ordinary reality exposes a starkly clear glow to the nature and flow of conscious attention. Such a fresh, vibrant, still, and timeless reflection of the Self is not a state of being that we consciously enter and leave. The key is to stop looking for what can never be lost and embrace it as it reaches out to us.

I am recruiting people to this section of the site who are willing and able to develop a whole new relationship with our collective consciousness; one fostering a mind-blowing sense of peace and still presence. It is through our shared explorations into and as conscious awareness. I am charging a $25 monthly mentoring fee for my tour guide services. I will post a new and relevant subject of exploration for the group of us plugged in. We will meet for approximately two hours on the third Saturday of every month to dive further into the collective unknown. Please let me know if you would like to join a band of jumpers.

The April meeting will be on Saturday, April 20th. I am open to meeting from 2 to 4 pm Arizona time. I will post a classically simple mind-stopping shamanic exercise for all of us; The intent is to establish and facilitate a common ground of understanding for us all…

Buckle Up!


April 2024 – Ongoing Explorations

Slowly walk down an enclosed indoor space (such as an indoor hallway), with eyes wide open; for about 5 minutes. Moving at a snail's pace. Then, slowly turn around and take a 5-minute walk back to the starting point. Allow the energy "behind" and "in front" of you to...