About Me

I am a Shamanic Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and Inner Quest Retreat guide that assists with identifying and changing long-held limiting beliefs that cloud an unobstructed view of the eternal nature of reality, right in plain sight. My present-day healing practice is a blend of wisdom traditions that all somehow expose and celebrate the knowing that life experienced through innocent, unfiltered eyes is spontaneous, peaceful, and easily accessible (simple). They are a combination of Non-dualism (direct inquiry into the core nature of reality), Classical Shamanism (maneuvering through the unknown and engaging with spirit guides), a blend of Zen and Shamanic Meditation (Just Watching), and devotion-driven Hindu Mysticism (Openly acknowledging and celebrating our unified Self). My commitment is to help identify and drop beliefs and expectations; they inevitably filter our view of reality. Currently, I live and work at The Two Eagles, Horse & Wolf Retreat Center in Tucson, Arizona, where I gratefully share. my love of the Sonoran Desert with the local flora and fauna.

Spiritual Counseling

I am a spiritual teacher, counselor, and retreat guide that assists with identifying and changing long-held limiting beliefs that cloud an unobstructed view of the eternal nature of reality, right in plain view. Primarily, my responsibility is to offer guidance and direction to people like me that have had intimate and unforgettable encounters with the vast stillness of the unknown, only to let that truth slip away under the weight of viewing life through a veil of unexplored beliefs, and conditional expectations. The bottom line is that we are all responsible for our own experience of life. How life appears is directly determined by how we choose to see and experience it. Now is the perfect time to reopen to an unfiltered view of Self and Reality


To go on a retreat requires that you set aside time for a change of focus, a deliberate act of stepping outside of our normal routine to be in a safe and supportive place for much-needed quiet reflection. Together, we will identify and address how you specifically hold on to past beliefs and future expectations. To be clear, we will design and implement your retreat specifically with you in mind, followed by developing and implementing a plan designed to liberate you from circumstances of your own doing. The Retreat is not an escape from reality, but a very real re-engagement with your heart’s desire.

Community Sharings

Mindful Walking

Try this  - for at least 30 minutes: Consciously walk or maneuver around your world without trying to get anywhere or figure anything out (go for as long as you can?). Then reset your intent to walk around your world as if you know you have already arrived. Report...

Feeling is Seeing

We feel what we perceive in our physical form. Truly seeing the world requires a reorchestration of our energy. If we don't actually feel something in our bodies, we haven't actually seen it.

From Nothing To Something -January 2023 Shamanic Meditation Studies

How do you know: without looking or moving your hands or touching something, that your hands are still there?

September 2022 Shamanic Meditation Studies

We will meet from 3 to 5 pm Arizona time on Saturday, September 17, 2022. I plan to delve into the planes of life and death. And how to...

August 2022 Shamanic Meditation Studies

We will meet on Saturday, August 20th between 3 - 5 pm, Arizona time. I plan to re-introduce shamanic journeying with an emphasis on...

July 2022 Shamanic Meditation Studies

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Please contact me at keshav@keshavhowe.com if you would like to participate in our Shamanic Studies group.