Inner Intensives

All Retreats (inner intensives) focus on reconciling the differences between the Absolute and relative aspects of the Self. The Absolute Mind rests in Undivided Attention, and true to its nature, gracefully transforms conflicts with life into powerful experiences of Self-discovery. We will consciously strike a harmonic balance between the relative (impermanent) and absolute (permanent) aspects of the mind. Please consider jumping into a long weekend retreat of open-hearted devotion to viewing life with a Clear and Undivided Mind, which innately knows how to coexist with divisive and habitual patterns of (highly personalized) behavior. Collectively, all we need to take is a perspective break (time out) from the spell of relatively unconscious and painfully veiled perceptual filters.

A long weekend focused entirely on you will provide some distance from your current life patterns and put things into perspective. To experience the grace of being deeply present in the here and now is a rare and precious gift to offer ourselves. The heart calls out during such intensives, while we are both challenged and nurtured. Opening to the fragility of life and its constantly changing nature, we appreciate life more, not less. I am here to break down any resistance to merging with the eternal presence that is the energetic essence that illuminates our very existence.