I offer these out as signposts or Knowings that have and continue to illuminate the Path of Knowing, absent a personal self or ego. I continue to work with these musings and want to open up a community dialog for further exploration. I would love some feedback!


Be a living example of presence.

Consciously, live a life of service.

It’s very important to Serve yourself first before serving others.

Humor is a reminder to celebrate the moment.

Bow to yourself, others, and life. Who cares if someone is looking?!

Create something, anything.

Be a mirror for others.

Slow down and remain open to the moment.

Create the life you want to live.

Chew food slowly (50 chews per mouthful).

Fresh eyes are wise eyes. Observe the play of life (sunrises and sunsets are sweet).

Listen to, and, or get lost in, playing music!