There is nothing that the fragmentary “me” that we believe ourselves to be, can do to get rid of the ego. All spiritual practices regarding the ego self that focuses on getting rid of the “idea” of their being a physical or mental being are not grounded in Divinity and actually feed the idea of their actually being an ego. If we try and improve the ego we become more attached to the idea of it, and that only leads to feelings of isolation.

What we really are cannot be acquired because we already are it. The ego is really an impermanent and repetitive thought, reacting to emotions and bodily sensations. However, when “We” are moved or astonished by the beauty of a piece of music or the splendor of a sunset, the ego leaves us. And, there is a profound sense of freedom, completeness, and being Home. During those moments of joy and connection, the idea of their being an ego is nonsensical. Only joy has access to joy and eternity is eternal. What plunges us into a search for eternity is the erroneous idea that true Beingness is not ever-present.

Our project together is the reabsorption of the “ego” into the true Self or Beingness. This appears as both a gradual letting go of an egoic point of view and a sudden illumination (there is the direct experience of there being 40 to 50 percent more light in that space that we are in). That puts an end to the search for what cannot be truly lost and an ongoing switch away from made-up stories of the past and future expectations. We can then allow the ego the choice to DIE or to become a servant to a deeper truth about the nature of reality. We get to define what that means in a functional way, in the present moment.

I will facilitate that transition from the attachment to being an isolated self to being a servant to something already integrated. “And, the artist formally known as the ego can choose to be the mouthpiece that tries to explain something that it cannot actually understand, or I will be the pallbearer at the ego’s funeral. It really is a choice!