I have a personal scheduling conflict with our meeting on the 3rd Saturday of July, so I rescheduled our meeting to Saturday, July 22, from 3 to 5 pm Arizona time. I am aware of the scheduling conflict that this creates, and I will do what I can to compensate for the switch in the schedule.

I am putting together a group/individual awareness exercise. The point that I am focusing on is how we routinely and mistakenly focus attention on the mind’s canned egocentric reaction to life’s simple reality. The premise of my multi-leveled exercise is that unfiltered body awareness inherently knows what the process of the mind routinely misinterprets.

The simplest way to eliminate our attachment to the “Dream of the Planet,” and live a shamanic life of peace and balance, is to use our power to determine how we routinely avoid doing so. Along that path, there are some habits that need to go, and others to take their place.

  1. The amount of television and social media that I observe around me is disturbing. One of my personal peeves is being around distracted people in a crowded gym; where people may phone a friend and chat between sets. While others (me), are waiting to get onto the same machine. I have a dear friend (Donna) that will ask a distracted person working on a machine at the same gym: “Do you know what muscle group you are working on?” Or even better: “Do you know what you are doing?” So, together, let’s get off of social media and communicate directly with each other. I think it’s called growing up.
  2. Let’s add something creative into our lives, like playing a musical instrument, renovating a “hippie bus,” or learning the art of acting, etc. I have just started playing the harmonica and would love to learn how to play along with you. Instead of our addiction to things that enhance our sense of separation, let’s inspire our spirit guides to guide us along a “Path of Knowledge!” The point is to relax all attention in the here and now. Do something new and creative. Observe mind activity panic when you welcome more creativity into your life. Nothing is Everything!!
  3. Last, focus your attention on what inspires you about each person who shares a place with you, within this sacred circle. I meet everyone I talk with in this group with an open heart and a freshly renewed impersonal point of view. I am eternally grateful that you welcome an oddball like me into your lives (sound familiar).