I do my best to stay quiet. But, our state and national electoral system has, is, and will likely continue to be hacked – by Russia. The very Integrity of this Country is under attack; in plain sight. And yet…

After reading the Mueller Report and listening to his testimony before congress – it is clear that an Impeachment Inquiry is now a Moral Imperative; not a petty political dilemma.

Time to let congress know how much we value living in a democracy. Time to call out our representatives, and remind them that We are the people they represent.

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  1. on 24 Jan 2020 at 6:32 pm Diane

    I am feeling compelled to re read 1984.

  2. on 23 Jan 2020 at 1:22 pm Keshav Howe

    This whole shit show staring: Comrade Trump, started with his obsession with getting elected at any, and all, cost. Nothing has changed! He is still at it. Inventing new and more bizarre lies.
    And, Comrade Trump is willing to put us all in a Constitutional Crisis. His Impeachment defense is fundamentally that he alone is above the law. And, by extension, can do no wrong. And, is willing to test that proposition.
    It's time to update the Constitution.
    I propose an immediate ban on all white men from elective office when they reach age 70 (No grandfather clause).
    Almost every time that the thought: what an ass hole, appears in consciousness, I see a clown with funky orange (really) hair. As a recovering ass hole, myself, I recognize that Mister trump is running head first into a brick wall. He is not talking to the paintings on the wall, but he is snapping. He appears to be aware of his unmasking, but has forgotten where and how to use the "breaks." Tragic. Sad. I'm a little freaked out that he is shooting the moon…

  3. on 23 Jan 2020 at 11:50 am Betty

    I often ask myself how the Germans could have allowed the rise of Hitler. I now know how unwilling people are to believe it could happen to them. How people can take their democracy and freedom for granted. How people can listen to the promise of better things without examining the credibility of that leader.

    This was not so when we were growing up. We were aware that countries like Russia were a clear and present danger. Even then, though, many of us were naive enough to think that in the United States the government was always working with the best interests of the people they served in mind. I have grown up to learn that was not necessarily so. However, not until now have I been fearful of a president being totally out of control, including self-control.

    I know that many people think I am overreacting. But I feel we are in this place now because we were all asleep at the wheel. I intend to pay close attention from now on and do what I can to protect our democracy. All over the world people are fighting for democracy in their countries, giving their lives, if necessary. What price are we willing to pay?

  4. on 22 Jan 2020 at 6:24 pm Keshav Howe

    I am an Independent voter watching the inevitable death of the current republican party. There is more and more evidence that there is treasonous behavior (in plain sight) damaging the Integrity of our Democracy. All that evidence must be revealed to: we the people.
    Maybe it is time to return to traditional Republican party values; that have always focused on defending and protecting fair and open elections – you know, what we the people value. When did Russia and their agents stop being the biggest threat to our democracy?!
    What happened to Republicans such as Ronald Regan and John McCain. They must be rolling in  their graves. Who wants to stand up for Democracy?
    Comrade Trump is in plain sight. What is it going to take to remove him?! It's a slippery slope. Can you feel the noose tightening?…

  5. on 31 Dec 2019 at 3:27 pm Keshav Howe

    Thank you Comrade Trump for exposing the difference between Blame and Responsibility.

  6. on 16 Dec 2019 at 6:23 pm Betty

    I feel like our democracy on trial. I am afraid we are in real danger of losing it.

  7. on 16 Dec 2019 at 1:55 pm Keshav Howe

    There is a predator in the white house. The Wolves (of change) are on the prowl to cleanup the mess, and rectify the imbalance.

  8. on 12 Nov 2019 at 2:43 pm Keshav Howe

    Watching Comrade Trump's behavior is like watching someone slowly commit suicide – unfortunately such self-absorbed behavior is infectious. Just say No. The integrity and soul of the nation is at stake.
    The memories of remarkable Republican Statesmen like Teddy Roosevelt, can appear to dim in the glare of the selfishness of the current Republican Party.
    If don Trump does not understand what he is doing, he is unfit for office. If he does know what he is doing, he is unfit for office.

  9. on 22 Oct 2019 at 9:33 am Keshav Howe

    Now is the time to put an end to Comrade Trump 's illegitimate presidency.
    Again, this is not a personal or political matter! This is a moral imperative.
    Call the people (members of congress) that were duly elected to serve you: to demand that they actively impeach and remove this cancer that is eating away at our precious liberties, as well as the soul of our magnificent country.

  10. on 10 Aug 2019 at 3:06 pm sasanijjs

    Joe Rogan did an interview with Bernie Sanders that can be watched on YouTube if anyone’s interested.

  11. on 01 Aug 2019 at 7:06 am Keshav Howe

    Now is not the time to compromise our principles.
    Now is the time to make a deep and lasting commitment to freedom and justice for all.
    No more billionaires failing to pay their fair share of taxes. And, for the love of God – free health (mental and physical) care, and free education, for all. No more turning a blind eye away from the disenfranchised, and homeless.

    Disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed!

  12. on 26 Jul 2019 at 4:48 pm Keshav Howe

    No one is above the laws that defend and protect us All.

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