Cosmic Presence!

The feel of this transcendental presence is in my fingertips. My corporeal form is aware of the eternally supportive pulse of "our" eternal essence. Searching for what is eternally present is obviously a waste if time, but plays a necessary part in waking up from our dream of separation from our Eternal Nature. My fingers in particular are tuned into the Eternal feel of my divine essence. My toes and third-eye space are also conductors and receptors.

Put yourself on "time out" and tune into the pulse and feel of your physical body. Stay attentive to of how receptive your physical form "tool" is to helping the mind surrender to the feel of "an ease of being" experienced by the mind.

The body knows and the mind will adjust: to the feel of a causeless sense of Peace.

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  1. on 12 Mar 2022 at 4:18 pm Betty

    Jayzie, right now, when in the dream of the planet, I do not love anyone “unconditionally.” FOR ME relationships are all spoken or unspoken contracts. You give me love, I will give you love or substitute your own word. Ram Dass described unconditional love more or less like this: your lover tells you they would be happier with someone else and you sincerely tell them that what makes them happy makes you happy. My small self isn’t going to do that. But my Higher Self is able to feel that kind of “selfless” Love. It loves everyone, including people like Hitler. I would not pronounce judgement on him in that space of unconditional love. Here, in form, I definitely judge his actions, but try to recognize he is my brother. Or more accurately we are all One, no separation. I recognize that the spark of God (substitute your own name ie Beloved, etc) is inside of all of us. But some of us have forgotten What we Are. It is happening more and more that “I” slip out the perspective of my small self and experience unconditional love. I Love everyone regardless of who they think they are or what they have done. That is what I call unconditional love. I only see “the Devine in “others” that is in us all.”

  2. on 10 Mar 2022 at 8:51 am Jayzie Dimmick

    Betty, could you describe what “love all others unconditionally” looks/feels like to you so I can have a better understanding of it instead of making, perhaps incorrect, assumptions?

  3. on 06 Mar 2022 at 5:17 pm Betty

    When, in life as form, I slip and cause myself suffering by defining something as good or bad, I accept the fact that when, for instance, I experience the opposite of peace, love and compassion, etc. I can appreciate them. If I have never experienced illness how can I fathom what wellness is. I have learned more from my trespasses into a self-imposed hell than when in bliss. For me, and I can only speak for myself, I am here to learn by experience. But my foray, into “no good or bad, no right or wrong” makes me want to work to awaken to that space of no-thing. Not sure why I would be here if that was my permanent experience but maybe to help others and love all others unconditionally. I shall see! Although I am living in both “worlds” simultaneously I am not often able to integrate them into One simultaneous understanding.

  4. on 03 Mar 2022 at 8:20 am Diane

    It is interesting how the numbness in my legs is often associated with when I am in resistance to what is.  It sure is a BS monitor to let me know when I am not present.  I am learning from it and paying attention to it.  The body is a phenomenal machine in communication.  My own high tech device.

  5. on 03 Mar 2022 at 4:37 am missy

    My walking meditations through the woods call for me to slow down, follow what leads me. I witnessed a crow fly over, it Cawed then flipped upside down while tucking its wings in then flipped back up wings spread. Hello to you too. Stop, Listen, Deep Breath. The feelings I have in sharing the land and space with animals I don’t always see except thru tracks, is fulfilling enough. A porcupine lives in a culvert and goes out every evening I assume, using our ski track to plod along to the beyond. Coyote howling at night, and then finding their whereabouts in the morning in familiar places. So much space is shared, all the time, crossing paths, breathing the same air, making room to be safe. Dancing the dance. Everywhere we go. Namaste.

  6. on 28 Feb 2022 at 12:02 pm Betty

    I might add that when sitting in stillness, focusing on what I feel in my body keeps mind occupied so that I can access the peace within.

  7. on 28 Feb 2022 at 11:59 am Betty

    Whenever I put my attention on my feet I can feel energy. Sometimes the energy calls to my attention. Sometimes waves, sometimes buzzing, sometimes “boiling,” sometimes crackling is happening in my feet. If I take a deep breath in and out it changes the feel of the energy. When I am receiving a lot of energy the energy in my feet increases.

    My fingers are more subtle. Breathing will increase the feeling of energy and when I am sending out energy ie healing, love, peace, compassion, etc. it is more noticeable.

    Recently, I have experienced pulsing in my chakras. Sometimes it alternates with my pulse and others it morphs into other “shapes” and patterns.

    Once, when sitting next to someone I observed what felt like an energetic arm between our arms.

    During a walking meditation the energy in palms would swirl every time I passed Keshav in the hallway.

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