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The 'Quote of the Week' Sharings

Agitated Thoughts!

Observe their comings and goings. Neither refuse nor encourage them. Remain impersonally alert! Notice that they exist only because you are. Also, notice that there is a impersonal and clear-headed attention behind thoughts, not dependent on the presence or absence of agitated thoughts. Or, misguided labels of good and bad or positive and negative. This ultimate non-state is awareness itself – where perception does not go through the mind.

Lost and Found?!

Keshav the Dreamer gracefully rests attention in the impersonal intimacy of the here and now. The character within the Dream named keshav (me), however, has a history of getting lost in the dream of the planet.

A powerful cue to surrender to the clarity of presence, is when life starts to feel like a burden. I am gratefully aware that life can, and does appear that way. (The personalized (keshav) self is still convinced that life would be perfect if only everyone experienced it from his personal point of view.)

The wake-up call from feeling lost in harmful diversions is the very noticing that: A part of me feels lost. Yet, here, is the middle of the perception of being lost, is a causeless lightness of being; and a comforting knowing! How can I be lost, if I am witnessing myself feeling lost?!

This seemingly subtle shift in attention is when I remember that I(the Dreamer) can never be totally lost, just overlooked or over-shadowed. Now, is the perfect time to risk getting totally lost in the vibrancy of the unknown. And, to remember to Leave everything I think I know behind…

Creativity and Uncertainty!

I can feel the strong pull to welcome creativity into my life, particularly when plagued with the virus of uncertainty. The touch of creativity is not a matter of what I do, but how open I am to what is doing me.

Today, I remembered to yield to the feel of the morning chill, as I helped free the trees of their tangled branches. Lost in the moment; uncertainty gracefully yielded to indifference, followed by a sense of unwavering certainty. I could clearly feel the wind's tender support, particularly when the focus of attention was free of a personal point of view.

Trimming trees on a November morning in Tucson…

Taking Things Personally and Shamanic Journeying

The ease through which I “journey” through both ordinary and non-ordinary reality, is determined by the extent that I am taking things personally here in the earth plane.

Ode to Mars!

As long as I can remember, I have been intensely drawn to the pull of the planet Mars. It is putting on quite a show right now – in "opposition" or alignment with the Earth and Sun; with the earth in the middle. Clearly, Mars is the brightest star in view. I look up at this stunning red orb and it seems to dance towards and through me. It always has.

I am thrilled by the its incredibly intimate dance moves, but I still find it challenging to deal with the attending vertigo. The "idea of Keshav'" is lost in the presence of the moment. Thinking and talking are both challenging while dancing with Mars!

The Bardo of Becoming!

We hover around friends and family, and try to speak with them, but they often cannot see us. They do not fully respond to us because we have not yet figured out who around us is dead and who is alive. We must be willing to experience ourselves as a form; made of light – before death, and before attachment to a personal point of view.

Speaking Out Against The Madness!

I found myself in a contentious mood this morning, regarding the "growing pains" of Democracy. I just put myself on time-out: specifically to feel the tension I was holding onto in my fingers, toes, and third eye area. That is the cue to make room for more of what I say I value (peace, love, freedom, and community) into my daily life-dream.

The only way to conquer war is to stand up to it and just say no. I am aware of the value of speaking out against "madness," but only when I am clear about what I am fighting (speaking out) for. That can only be clear if the way I conduct my life is in tune with what I say I treasure most.

Peace Trumps War!

Working with Fear!

Find something in the present moment to inspire hope or gratitude!

Pure Knowing!

Awareness has an innate capacity to reflect its surroundings, even if no object is there to reflect. Pure Awareness is a simple Knowing – pure creativity; knowing without a knower. We all reflect the light of awareness; even if we fail to recognize it.

Patience is a wise teacher!

Impatience with the progress of our spiritual transformation only prolongs it.

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