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The 'Quote of the Week' Sharings

Reality Bite!

It is very challenging to maintain equanimity in a world where starving people coexist with conspicuous consumption.

My Responsibility!

The only thing left to do is laugh; for no good reason.

The Bardo of In-between!

There is a certain anxiety of dislocation that is not a physical reference, but a nod to a compelling mental discomfort. For me, life has always felt like something is coming together; as I am falling apart…


I realize that memory is about how life felt, not about how it was (or appeared to be).

Our Father, who art in heaven…

I surrender to the eternal presence which illuminates us all, and promise to keep the light on for those who struggle to step out of their own shadows.

In Times Like This!

Make the time to stop and breathe.

The Space Between Two Thoughts!

Whenever I try and watch thoughts, I cannot find them; there is just a "blank space." And, what I initially imagined to be blank space is really open awareness, openly accepting of all that is passing through.

Blame vs Responsibility!

What is the difference between blame and responsibility?

The Difference Between the Truth and a Lie!

The Truth feels peaceful; a Lie feels stressful. Open your heart and check it out…

Running from Fear is…

a very bad strategy for embracing peace of mind! Particularly, given that I am aware that the feel of peace is never associated with running away from anything.

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