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The 'Musings' Sharings

Beginner’s Mind!

Stop looking to gain anything, or to get rid of anything from life. Allow the peace and calm of Beginner's Mind to find, and take root in, and as "you." Our steady state of being is Awake and Aware Presence!

Where We Place Our Trust!

Home is where we must place our trust. Home is fleeting if we continue to derive our sense of identity by trusting the beliefs we hold about ourselves. The consequence is that we mostly live in conceptual worlds of our own doing. Most of us actually do not know who we are beyond the noise of repetitive thoughts and beliefs that support an unstable self image.

Home is in the space between thoughts – the Still Presence of the moment. Every moment is the present moment. Taking our rightful place as a simple Witnessing Presence of the movement of life, is what shines a light on the reality that we are already home.

To what extent are we free to determine our lives?

As separate selves, we are entirely conditioned by the rules of the "dream of the planet." Therefore, freedom is illusory.

When we commit to totally open to the unknown, the personal entity really does start to drop away (absent the weight of a personal point of view, and being hypnotized by prideful emotions such as anger and agitation).

Thoughts and perceptions start to appear largely because we allow them to be. Somehow, we are aware that we are free to feel the permanency (lightness of being) within this and every moment.

We cannot understand this at the level of thought, but we can, and do, experience it within the eternity of an unfiltered moment. We are free to be.

Spiritual Development

Opening ourselves to ourselves by willingly drowning in the depths of the unknown. Walking through life without the assistance of a personal point of view.

An Ongoing Invitation!

Conduct an honest inquiry into how much of your time is devoted to reacting to changing life circumstances – versus reflecting on the miracle of life in the moment.


Meditation is the practice of opening ourselves to ourselves; being what we are. Coming from nowhere and going nowhere.


Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted.


I notice that a lot more is accomplished when I consciously slow down.

Emptiness Holds Us Together!

When we meet "others" we are really meeting ourselves. The emptiness of you is the emptiness of all living beings. Notice that objects appear within seemingly empty space, yet the space itself remains unaffected.

The "empty" space between us holds us together. Recognizing that completely chances how we appear, and our ability to see ourselves in everyone and everything.

Trying to still the mind…

Now, that is a total waste of time and energy. The nature of mind is movement. Listen to its innate flow. Feel the pull to manipulate or control. Let go…

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