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The 'Musings' Sharings


Meditation is the practice of opening ourselves to ourselves; being what we are. Coming from nowhere and going nowhere.


Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted.


I notice that a lot more is accomplished when I consciously slow down.

Emptiness Holds Us Together!

When we meet "others" we are really meeting ourselves. The emptiness of you is the emptiness of all living beings. Notice that objects appear within seemingly empty space, yet the space itself remains unaffected.

The "empty" space between us holds us together. Recognizing that completely chances how we appear, and our ability to see ourselves in everyone and everything.

Trying to still the mind…

Now, that is a total waste of time and energy. The nature of mind is movement. Listen to its innate flow. Feel the pull to manipulate or control. Let go…


Mistakes are stepping stones.

Not Taking Things Personally!

Not taking things personally is so difficult; particularly here in the "Dream of the Planet." The reward for avoiding that "hole in the sidewalk" is unimaginable, particularly for a personalized sense of self.

A Simple Observation!

A mind grounded in the stillness of the moment is highly creative. Always new, and free of the past.

In Plain Sight!

The way that life appears is determined by how we choose to see it!

Agitated Thoughts!

Observe their comings and goings. Neither refuse nor encourage them. Remain impersonally alert! Notice that they exist only because you are. Also, notice that there is a impersonal and clear-headed attention behind thoughts, not dependent on the presence or absence of agitated thoughts. Or, misguided labels of good and bad or positive and negative. This ultimate non-state is awareness itself – where perception does not go through the mind.

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