Spiritual Counseling

The focus of my Spiritual Counseling work and spiritual guidance is to give full attention to the present; and about how to give attention to behaviors, reactions to situations, moods, thoughts, emotions, fears, and desires as they occur. Together, we learn to be present enough to watch all those things compassionately and without judgment. Then we can feel those limiting beliefs, viewpoints, and dramas fall away under the weight of unexplored beliefs and expectations.

My role is to erect and maintain a bridge of peace and knowing that outshines the desire to view life through a doubtful, outworn, and personalized smoky lens. I primed the mind to open and learn to be ready for anything, even the recognition that there is nothing to do and everything to be. The clear and ongoing invitation is to capitulate to the timeless and boundless rhythm and flow of existence. A sure sign that we are in harmony with the essential nature of life is the sense of a causeless, ease of being.

If you have questions regarding my  spiritual counseling; ongoing long weekend retreats; or if you are interested in learning more about the content of the healing modalities I practice, please contact me.