The Nature Spirit Wind and Attending Spirit Guides.

I was blissfully sitting outside a few days ago, taking in the afternoon sun and typically 30 mph breezy desert afternoon winds here in Tucson; in July. The nature spirit Wind suddenly turned into a powerful nano burst of energy that was ripping through the non-native trees and snapping branches. Airplanes have fallen out of the sky uncontrollably when hit by one. Here in the yard that I share with the local coyotes, I witnessed the desert trees allow the crazy wind to flow through with no resistance.

Spirit guides assist us in unconditionally falling in love with where we are, and to stop waiting for objects, people, and experiences to make us happy. Primarily, they transmit the truth about our connection to the divine via both sound and light vibration. Caught by the power and presence of the wind, everything in its path was tossed around uncontrollably with such an intense and focused energy.

NONE of the native plants resisted the wind burst; allowing the powerful and damaging wind to pass right through the thin and spiny tree branches growing in the yard. I did the same with the physical form I refer to as me. The Wind Spirit has been a very direct and present teacher and guide for me over the years.

I watched the enormous Saguaro trees in the yard channel the crazy winds, that lasted for about 15 minutes. They opened their spines and allowed the heightened wind energy to flow up and down the channels and spines. And, when allowed, the wind diminished and stopped. It was like watching a magic act.

In the afterglow, the whole yard was vibrating; and so was my body/mind. It seemed to be directly aware of the danger of holding onto a notion that “this should not be happening,” when it is. And, to continue to allow what is flowing through to inform and not define us. Yielding to Now!!

Thank you again Wind Spirit!! – for the gift of a clear Eye (I) during a raging storm. Namaste: