A Big Dose Of Gratitude!

In reaction to some absolutely beautiful and magical force assisting us into waking up out of some ego trip, we have been conditioned to focus on story lines such as “how did I go into that ego state” or “why was I asleep for so long” or “how do I maintain this state” or “how long will it last this time.”…etc.  So, rather than following that urge, every time that you pop out of some story line and into the light of truth – extend yourself a big dose of gratitude.  Celebrate and do your happy dance (the truth is that you cannot do anything to get rid of, or make something reappear, that which was never gone in the first place). By embracing gratitude in such moments of grace, you will train your body/mind/spirit to have a positive, rather than a negative relationship with awakening.  Try it out and report what you discover!!

I am not interested in theories about this quote – what is your direct experience
of what I am sharing!

I look forward to your insights!