January 2008 – Contemplation

This assignment is similar to the homework that members of the Advanced Shamanic Group is working with this month. I invite you all to let go of all you have been taught about the entering the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC) via shamanic journeying and consider fostering a new understanding of what that means.  I would like to explore a way that may or may not be new or foreign to you.  I invite you to use contemplation as a tool for entering SSC.  Contemplation is not the same as thinking or meditation.  Thinking is on the level of the individual mind and meditation focuses on the universal heart.  Contemplation is the bridge between those two aspects.  In contemplation, we allow a thought or focused intent, which we deliberately introduce, to rest in the space of the One, and then the wisdom of Unity or SSC illuminates that thought or intent.  We do not seek the answers; we invite them to be revealed in an unfiltered space of pure and direct awareness.


I invite you to play with the following experiment:


First:  Mind will always be as crazy as it is right now. What if you embraced that knowledge? How would that change your relationship with Mind?


Prepare to enter the Shamanic State of Consciousness by choosing a ritual (time, place and method)that calms your mind and increases the awareness of your connection with your inner divinity.  Set your intent to enter with a stance of humility and open to the question (above).  Do so without the aid of power animals, teachers or any other “helping spirits.”


Second:  Let the answers to the question about the Shamanic State of Consciousness evolve.  Let them reveal themselves in whatever form that may at first.  However, gradually discard and ignore any and all answers that show up in dialog form – that is, anything that has the hint of being filtered and/or interactive (we can explore how this contemplative form of wordless journeying unfolds together).  The key is to note where there is even a suggestion of an agenda, or if the answers are drifting away from you and toward someone or something else – notice if the answers have a hint of expectation or interpretation.  If they do – abandon them completely.


Contemplative (please refer to the first paragraph) answers can take the shape of an image, a symbol, a sound, a color, a taste, an odor and/or just an inner and very surprising knowing.  Sometimes, you may not seem to be getting a response at all – at least not one that Mind can recognize.  Do not be concerned, the wisdom of the Shamanic State of Consciousness is beyond the “intelligence” of Mind and is beyond time and space.  It is your job to listen with patience, remaining open to the response of the Heart.  Record what you directly experience, freely, and without censorship or judgment and enter those answers onto the Apprentice Group section of my website.  Be open and prepared to make several and sometimes contradictory entries.


Third:  I expect all of you to do this homework and to post it on the site, and I urge you to comment about what other apprentices post.