Hello Apprentices,

This month, I would like you to detach from your inner dialogue and disassemble your personal point of view by:

1) “Knowing” that you will identify with your perceptual view at every point of your personal development and that those identifications are temporal.

2) Be willing to change your identity every day. Do not identify with life situations as a “me” – that is just a temporal state. Play with this!

3) Allow your ability to observe without judgment to replace what seem to be automatic knee jerk reactions.

4) When you feel the impulse to struggle, use that energy to let go and open a space for a new “solution” to unfold.

5) When you cannot let go, forgive yourself and move on.

6) Use every opportunity to tell yourself that all viewpoints are valid, that every experience is valuable and that every moment is a moment of freedom.

7) Give your allegiance to transformation rather than defending the statue quo.

Please send me what comes up regarding this assignment. I will post it for all apprentices to see, subject to any necessary edits. If you want to comment about what another apprentice has written, I encourage you to do so.