Deeper Than Intuition!

One of the most insidious traps for the spiritual seeker is the inability to see beyond automatic and reactive directives that are confused with insights – we often call it intuition. Where there is no past or future, there is an intelligent openness that is always present regardless of changing circumstances. Primarily, what we know of as intuition is still part of the conceptual realm, and is held together by a learned belief structure (I should do this and not that). Intuition is very useful if a car is about to run into us – we know enough to jump out of the way. Deeper than all of our beliefs and self reflective directives is a vibrant and alive openness that is still and aware. It does require a willingness, if even for a moment, to have no idea or knowing about how things should be. Be true to your innate conscious nature and open to, and utilize that silent and aware knowing!

How does this quote apply to your every day living experience. I am not interested in theories about this quote – what is your direct experience
of what I am sharing!

I look forward to your insights!