Keshav the Dreamer gracefully rests attention in the impersonal intimacy of the here and now. The character within the Dream named keshav (me), however, has a history of getting lost in the dream of the planet.

A powerful cue to surrender to the clarity of presence, is when life starts to feel like a burden. I am gratefully aware that life can, and does appear that way. (The personalized (keshav) self is still convinced that life would be perfect if only everyone experienced it from his personal point of view.)

The wake-up call from feeling lost in harmful diversions is the very noticing that: A part of me feels lost. Yet, here, is the middle of the perception of being lost, is a causeless lightness of being; and a comforting knowing! How can I be lost, if I am witnessing myself feeling lost?!

This seemingly subtle shift in attention is when I remember that I(the Dreamer) can never be totally lost, just overlooked or over-shadowed. Now, is the perfect time to risk getting totally lost in the vibrancy of the unknown. And, to remember to Leave everything I think I know behind…