Life and Death!

We cannot live without dying. As long as we are frightened by death we will be frightened by life. We have been conditioned to cling to the known rather than face the unknown. Probably the most powerful (deeply avoided) knowing is that there is no permanence and security in our ideas about life. My invitation is stop postponing death and really live by psychologically dying to every moment, by letting go of all the ideas about life and death.    

1) What do I mean by the above statement? What is it pointing to?
How can you apply this quote to your life?

2) How does this statement about  Life and Death! apply to or change the essence of "your life"? How is it significant?

(Please sit with this for a while. Surrender to the energy evoked by
the statement and resist looking for the answers.)

How does this quote apply to your every day living experience.
Please resist the urge to entertain theories about this quote – what is
the direct experience of what I am inviting you to explore!

I look forward to your insights!