March 2007 – Inner Inquiry

What is your real spiritual” practice, in other words, what do you really serve? What keeps you from being yourself, from opening to your true nature, and inquire into that, and into that? Be willing to inquire into this question – layer by layer, wherever and however you meet life. Please do so into a representative sample of life situations as they arise – your true practice will be revealed. Simply notice what is there and share what you discover! I ask that you be open-minded about this exercise and be willing to be surprised. We all really want a surprise – a completely predictable future is already the past (kind of stale). Of course, the surprise may be very pleasant or it may be horrible – however, maybe all surprises are a terrific way to embrace our essential nature. I want step by step details of your inquiries, and please, send them without the stories.

Please send your sharings for my review as well as for the rest of the group!! If you would like to comment about what someone else in the group wrote, please feel free to do so.

I will post what you send for all apprentices to see, subject to any edits that I feel that are necessary.