February 2020…

The apprentice program is designed for those who want to wake up to the truth that we the very light that illuminates the universe. Each program is tailored to the specific limiting beliefs that each student must overcome. If you have further questions about the apprentice program, please email me at keshav@keshavhowe.com. 

Effective communication between us is only possible when what I am writing and what you are reading is without effort to interpret or comprehend.  That requires that we both have an ongoing and peaceful relationship with the collective unconditioned mind.  That alert and open mind is in flow with the free unimpeded movement of presence.  Any attempts to control or repress mind is the breeding ground for conflict and separation.  Embracing the movement of mind as a simple energy form that is in harmony with the flow with the universe completely changes our experience of it.  Only when we are open enough to understand the original nature of mind can our innate shared stillness blossom and thrive.  That free flowing synergy is empty of past and future, but is certainly full of the vibrancy of the present moment.  The shift to experiencing life from the perspective of presence reveals that there is no personal doer behind anything that we do.  The “me” that hopes to gain something from the present moment no longer precedes actions.  When actions flow from and as presence,everything is experienced as presence.

It is part of our evolution that our separate sense of self falls away to reveal the true unified nature of self.  The way that we engage in life is a reflection of that truth.  A clear view of life shows us that there is a noticeable absence of a personal doer anywhere we look in nature. There is no one that is the cause for flowers to grow, for the wind to blow, or for the rivers to flow. It does not make any sense that we humans would be out of sync with the rest of nature.  And, as our adversarial relationship with mind diminishes, it becomes a more refined and willing tool in describing the true nature of our vast and unknowable self.  In truth, that will never fully be known by the energetic circuitry of the human form or by the mind.  The mind can and does morph into a powerful evolutionary tool even as it fails gracefully at reflecting the miraculous essence of reality.  These very words are a by-product of the power of the still mind willingly being a servant to our collective nature as vast and aware presence.